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  1. Maybe it's the amount of food? Even if it's extremely healthy, if the intake is high it could promote no weight loss or even weight gain. Also green tea! Yes TrishE! Green tea is amazing! Hope this helps! It is very frustrating and hope this goes by fast!!
  2. Smoothies smoothies smoothies!!! They help with the taste and it's a good way to create a power house of nutrients by combining them. I also suggest Shakeology. It has tons of nutrients and surprisingly has a good taste (I like the chocolate flavor but there are many others to choose from)-- It is a little on the expensive side though so be careful. Supplements are all well but I still suggest throwing in some "non powder" veggies. If you keep eating something you don't like, your body will eventually grow to like the taste. I used to hate salmon, but I had heard so many good things about its nutritional value! I really wanted this in my diet! It took a while, but after forcing it down once a week I actually started to like it. Hope this helps Clare and good luck!!!
  3. Thank-you so much for the advice! I will give it a try!
  4. Alright... So recently I had surgery on my ankle and now gaining the strength back from the operation my physical therapist has recommended barefoot running. I noticed that there was barefoot running sneakers that would shield your foot from rocks etc. although it's a little on the expensive side. Is it really worth it to get this product? Have you had a good experience with them? Is going completely barefoot better?
  5. I don't know if this will help, but I've found that eating bananas before workouts helps with cramps.... Just make sure to not eat right before!!
  6. I think it depends on each individual. Right now I am drinking over 8 (16 oz.) water bottles a day because of low blood sugar problems. If I don't do that it will effect my energy levels drastically and I feel just just like lead in workouts. Just my genes... I suggest find out what works out for you. Hope this helps!!!
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