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stuck on week 3

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So, I am on week 3 day 11, I think.  I am 57 y.o. female and about 15 lb. overweight.  I tried c25k last summer, but plantar faacitis, bronchitis, and tendonitis sidelined me.  I started again in April.  Oh, yeah, I live in Phoenix so it is HOT.   I am stuck on week 3.  I can get all the running in, but the second set of 3 min. I need to break up and I started running slower when it got into the 90s.    WELL, today I went out, I did have to break up the last 3 min., but I added in more running.  Fastest time and distance in many weeks.   Slow going.....but it is going.  I am feeling accomplished.  Small gains!

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Yay!!!   Today I went out for week 3 day 12 (at least! LOL)   I was able to run all the parts without breaking up the runs.  I forgot that I had a top with a pocket which is able to hold my phone, so I never looked at the time.  I did it!  My brain didn't tell me that I was unable to complete 3 minutes.  I will keep doing week 3 until it is easy, before I move on to week 4....cuz I am overwhelmed at the thought of week 4!

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Congratulations on running the complete 3 minutes! :D What a wonderful accomplishment! Go you!

I'd say it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there. It's important that your mental part is strong and willing to try over and over again until you make it! That's not easy! Congratulations on your perseverance!

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