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  1. I still can't run the distance. I skipped the interval training today (week 6 day 2) and ran 20 minutes straight again. The interval training is boring, that's why. But I'll probably start following the program again. I don't want to rush too soon. It's awesome, though, that you are already able to run the 5k! Go you!
  2. How's your running going? Just letting you know I ran my 20 minutes straight and I didn't even notice the time had passed until the phone vibrated. I had such a ginornous smile as soon as I finished...Thank you so much for your tips and for sharing your experience! It helped me A LOT!
  3. I'm so motivated reading this! Congratulations on your big run! That's so HUGE! I'm having my week 5 day 3 run this weekend and I hope I can pull through, as you did! CONGRATS!
  4. Thank you so much! I'm proud too, although yesterday I ran day 2 and it was hell. I still have a cold, but it wasn't so much because it was hard to breathe this time. I noticed I was wanting to give up and had to keep telling myself not to do it, not to waste all those weeks. It was harder to run day 2 than it was day one, honestly, even though the workout was the same and I was feeling less sick... I think I kept thinking about day 3 of week 5 and how I wouldn't be able to run the 20 minutes. Now I've finished week 4 days 1 and 2 I know I'll finish day 3 because I'll just keep telling myself it would be ridiculous to fail day 3 if I've done it twice already. I'm not sure though if I should stick around with week 4 one more week or progress to week 5 and keep doing it until I eventually manage to pull through. Ideas? How was your week 5? Better yet... how was your transition from week 4 to week 5?
  5. Don't worry about being slow I'm slow too. I'm sure we'll start running a bit faster as time goes by and our bodies get used to the stress. TrishE did it. We can too
  6. Thank you for the tips! Today I ran week 4 day 1. I have a cold, I suspect from running week 3 with wind and rain, and it was hard to motivate myself to go out and run. I knew, though, that if I didn't go out to run and lost this week's training for some reason I'd eventually give up on the program, so I got dressed and went out anyways. It was a bit hard to breathe but I managed and I can't believe I ran 5 minutes! I'm so happy I pushed through! I hope I'll manage days 2 and 3 as well How's everyone's progress going? Do let me know!
  7. Congratulations on running the complete 3 minutes! What a wonderful accomplishment! Go you! I'd say it doesn't matter how long it takes to get there. It's important that your mental part is strong and willing to try over and over again until you make it! That's not easy! Congratulations on your perseverance!
  8. Just finished week 3 day 3 today and I have to say it was awful! I had to run in the rain and against very strong winds and although I managed to complete the workout I found it very difficult. I think running two days in a row didn't help, but the weather must have been the biggest reason why I was ready to die at the end of the run. This week I've been mixing in some Body Combat and Spinning. Monday I did Body Combat, Tuesday I ran, Wednesday I did Spinning, Thursday I went for some more Combat (which I definitely recommend! It's the most fun I've had working out!), Friday I did nothing, Saturday I ran and Today, Sunday, I also ran. I'm motivated and I'm having fun. I found that I gained a kg, but those kg I lost in the beginning were very likely water weight so I’m not disappointed in the sudden shift. Also, I'm sure I'm now building some muscle. I can't say I notice big changes in my body, but there are some. I can see muscles in my legs where there were none (visible), I think my arms slimmed a little bit and my clavicles are also more prominent. Other changes, non-physical, that made me very happy had to do with how, this time around, I could keep up with both spinning and body combat. Previously I’d struggled with those and now it felt like a breeze, in comparison. In regards to running, I’m apprehensive of week 4. I’m not entirely sure I can run for 5 minutes straight, especially if the weather remains the same. I suppose I’ll find out on Tuesday. Hope everyone is enjoying their runs! Any advice for week 4?
  9. Congratulations on finishing week 1! It feels amazing doesn't it? Pat yoursel on the back because that's nothing short of amazing! Very soon you'll feel your endurance improving. You'll notice you recover faster and you will be astonished week 1 was so hard. I'm only about to finish week 3 and I already notice those things (to an extent) so I'm sure you will too, very, very soon! I think those are the small progresses we have to hold on to. Happy Running!
  10. Thank you so much! You too!
  11. Hello, No. It's my first time ever trying the c25k I have to say though, it's not a creative name the one I chose xD There's probably many similar nicknames. Week 3 Day 3 tomorrow! Happy Running to you too!
  12. I'm a female currently at 172 cm and 71kg. When I started, 3 weeks ago, I was 75Kg. I also felt really lousy running for a minute. I was absolutely out of shape. I struggled with week 2 day 1, but then day 2 was a lot easier so it gave me motivation to keep going. However, I was pretty convinced I would hit a wall on week 3. I was sure I couldn't run for 3 minutes straight. After all... I was pretty winded during week 2. What a surprise it was when today I ran the 3 minutes with relative ease! The first 90 seconds kinda sucked, the first set of 3 minutes went alright and by the time I finished the second set of 3 minutes I felt so good I kept running and managed to run 4 minutes until I started to feel like I was feeling during week 2. That did a lot for my motivation and now I'm pumped for day 2 on Thrusday! I'm also convinced that the first 2 weeks were harder because of the many tiny sets I had to run. It made me constantly think I still had X sets to go and so it was harder to keep motivated. Today, I just let my mind go somewhere else during those 3 and 4 minutes I ran and it felt fantastic! I can't wait until I can run 30 minutes and beyond! Hope everyone else is having a really good experience with this program! Whatever you do, keep running!
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