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I ended up with 2 days between my 1st and 2nd day. The next day I could barely move my legs and tthe day after I couldn't drag myself out of bed. So I kept hydrating myself and today when I got up I was determined so off I went.

The first day I only did 17 min of it and couldn't eun the full 60 seconds. Today I was able to run the full (well a slow jog but faster than my walking speed!) 60 seconds for all but the last 2.5 times it asked me to run. I did the full run and all!


I am 315lbs so I am so proud of myself! I also didn't start sweating till I slowed down, then I was drenched! Sweating in places I didn't know possible!


I also work tonight, almond i got in Over 4,000 steps! My program recommends 6000 to start! I also enjoyed it, and was able to get some good thinking time in.

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