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  1. Thanks everyone, I am resting my knee this week. Back at it next week. Remember slow progress is better then no progress.
  2. You can do it! Just keep moving!
  3. Stretching and toe flexes, and the RICE method
  4. Thanks, I am back at week 1 day1 due to runners knee. Resting it now and making sure to do the R.I.C.E treatment. I will continue till I am at the finish line.
  5. Awese, keep moving
  6. Way to go Oyster ! Keep it up ! I weigh the same 250 but had to start over after week two. But you can do it !!
  7. Great Job ! Keep it up !
  8. Thanks Kelly Ann, on my off days (no scheduled run day) I walk on the treadmill and ride a stationary bike. I dropped back to week 1 today and was faster then the first time I did it. We will see where I am in a month. Thanks again
  9. Due to knee pain after completion of week 2 last week I am starting C25K over. Thinking my weight 250pounds on a 5'10" frame and the lack of proper leg muscles for running I am start back at the beginning and plan on doing week 1 for a month and see where I am after a month. Moving is better then not moving. Determined to be a runner.
  10. Thanks Kelly, My pain is more on the inside of the right knee close to the bottom of the knee cap.
  11. what is runners knee, I have heard of this but have no clues as to what it is, I am on week 2 day 3 and my knee has been hurting/sore since week 2 day 1 I gave it a extra day of rest and have been doing the ice the heat thing. It feels almost line a bruise ( kinds like when you bang your knee on a trailer hitch type pain ) sorry I'm from the south and that is the easiest way to explain it. Is this what runners knee feels like? And if so what should I do? Press through the pain or what? I know running will never be pain free. Advice or help. Is it runners knee?
  12. I start week 3 on Saturday, We can do it !! Week 2 is killing me. Knee sorness after I run. But we can do it !! Keep it up ! You got this !!
  13. started this last week with the wife, now on week 2 day 3, not sure I am going to be able to finish week 3. Can't believe I am in this bad of shape. 5'10 248 pounds. Always wanted to run but I am struggling with this. Body just keeps saying quit. The struggle is real people !
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