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My dilemma is finding good music to run to. I haven't done much down loading up music and typically just let free Pandora run its thing. But I found the Pandora ads stop the couch to 5K prompts for walking versus running Further I have no music in my iPhone because the process of finding one song at a time on iTunes and paying for it seems tedious. Randomly here and there in magazines I may see a song or two mentioned but where can I easily create a big playlist on my iPhone so that I can hit one button and get great tunes & zero interruptions?

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Guest TrishE

Im sorry I wish i could help :( I am a spotify addict but like pandora they have commercials. They have premade work out lists that I go through and steal songs from to make my own work out list (on spotify) its a really cool site. So if you dont end up making your iphone list id recommend it 

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