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i seriously dont know how to run

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Hello all! Today was day 1 for me. I cant believe I actually did the entire 30 minutes. My issue is this, when its time to run, i did more of a light jog. Im not sure if i am extending my legs correctly. Most of my life i was pretty slim, but i had a car accident a few years ago ( struck by a vehicle while walking ) and i now fear putting stress on my body

More stress. My bmi is high but i am determined to lose this weight! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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At this point, don't worry if you're running/jogging properly or not.  Listen to your body - does anything hurt when you start jogging?  If not, then you're doing it fine.  Are you moving forward when jogging (even if only a little?) Then you're doing it right.


As you progress, you will find your natural stride and speed.  What worked for me was jogging in place for a bit, then just putting one foot in front of the other once I had a good rhythm going.


Keep at it - you can do it!

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Guest TrishE

Glad you got some new kicks! Theyll be totally worth it :)

Yea weekends off if thats how youre doing your workout days. I know i did monday wednesday fridays running strength training tuesdays and thursdays (plus volleyball) and weekends off when I went through the app

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