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very fat old man wants to see kids to Univ


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Hello all.

I'm 47 years old, weigh 128kg,

Have cerebral palsy and have never run anywhere.

Recently I have started to feel old and weak so decided to look at ways of getting fit.

Today I have done day two of week one and strangely found it harder than day one. I couldn't run for sixty seconds today and had to stop one or twice and walk for a few seconds before running again.this morning I walled my dog for 1.5 miles so I'm guessing that has affected me because my thighs were aching after the dog walk. The walk was twice as far as normal. So short walks on running days from now on.

Tbh I can't comprehend that I could be running 5k by Sumner time but so far so good and I'm enjoying it. Here's to D3W1.

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Hey there Concretefingers,


You got this. You can do it. Look at you go now!!!! Especially with a dog who will love to go with you and not complain at all. I miss my labs. Now I'd have to carry my 5lb dog, uh, no!!! Lol. I see you posted kg, so you must be overseas??


Keep us posted here. Great support team here!

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Hello and welcome! Its awesome that you want to get fit and youve started your journey with C25K. 

Its pretty common for people to have a bit more trouble with day two than day one. Your body is working muscles its not used to working so itll be a bit fatigued. Dont worry too much about it and keep on keeping on to day three :)

Good luck! I hope you keep us posted on your progress.  

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