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More of a Prancercise than a jog.


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Well after a little scare, and a trip to the E.R. last week, I got the okay from the Cardiologist to get started on the treadmill. I just completed my W1-D1. I have to pay close attention to my target heart rate, so I found myself jogging so slow it looked more like a Prancersise. LOL! It's a Start, and I'm looking forward to improving, however long it takes. :D

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I prance too! I'm training myself to barefoot run and the correct form is definitely a prance compared to the regular heel to toe stride one normally associates with running. I'm thinking of having a reindeer shirt made up with antlers and 'Prancer' written across it. Good news is that I am much more aware of how my legs and hips are reacting to the movement, especially since health conditions require me to run with care. Cheers fellow Prancer!

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