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It's the first weekend in May. Decided to do it at the beach - double motivation!


I read a post about profiles but can't figure out how to set one up...can you help?


I've read a lot of posts and you are always super encouraging - thank you for the time you spend motivating others - just so you know - it works and has a tremendous impact!

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W1D2. - easy does it! First 5k is scheduled for May. Lost 80lbs in 2014 then it came to a standstill. Still have 40lbs to lose so one of the folks at the gym suggested this. Me? A runner? No way! But I went ahead and signed up for the 5k and I'm going all in :)


Best of luck to everyone here!!!

Awesome. Welcome to the fun!!

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Welcome! Congrats on that 80lb weight loss thats amazing! A beach 5k is a great goal for motivation please keep us updated on your progress wed love to hear about your journey. 

As far as profiles go, for the forums I had to log onto my laptop as opposed to my phone. The options are in the upper left hand corner of the screen under your screen name. 

Good luck!

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