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Finished w8d3. Today I ran the "5K".

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You can restart the program if you wish but when I finished I just started running for time. I ran the thirty minutes and tracked my distance with another app each time I ran I would increase my distance by just a little before I would start my cool. This helped build my endurance until I was able to make it the 3.1 miles. Once my endurance was increased I started to work on increasing my pace. Eventually, because running and I never really got along haha, I managed to make it to a 5k in 30 minutes. 

Congrats on finishing the program though!! thats huge! be sure to reward yourself because its a big deal!

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Hey H4Me, 


I love to run the last day twice, and usually do that weekly.   If you want to start again, go ahead, but you can also move up to the 10k app if you want. I am on Week 7 and I am running for 25 minutes now, when I can, sometimes I cant.  Keep us posted on your progress .  So proud of you..  Strength train too.  You got this.!

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At 11:35 min/mile and today did W8D1 and got 2.42 miles. I'm way short and won't pick up nearly 3/4 of a mile in 2 more minutes. My intention is to use a GPS watch ( Garmin Forerunner 10 was only 99 bucks ). I'll keep running 3 days a week and every 3rd run I'll add 2 minutes until I'm running 3.1. I'll then keep doing that every workout until I decide some day to go for 10k. You're in win mode. You get to run freely! No lady tellin ya what to do. No turning around at a prompt. Run until you feel like running back. Run to cool destinations. Check them out and run back. I'm excited to join you in the winners circle.

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