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Cross-Training Ideas?

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Hi All!


I just completed W1D2 of C210K. I plan to follow the walk/run plan on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm trying to lose some weight (so I don't feel like an elephant clomping around during my runs) so I want to cross train on Wed & Thurs too. Any suggestions??? Would using an ellyptical machine be too stressful for my legs? Thanks!

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Hi There,


Cross Training to me is using any other form of exercise you want to do.   I posted below some links that you can look at that will help you choose.






I run 3-4 days a week with the app.  Other days I will use my Recumbent Bike, lift weights, hike, Lifting weights to gain strength is my favorite and it burns amazing calories.   I am so sore today after getting back to my workouts on monday.


Hope this helps.   Keep me posted.  Hugs

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Guest TrishE

Hello RunFromClowns. Can I just your name cracks me up!

As far as cross training goes, I really got into the other zenlab apps like the leg workout and ab workout they have while I was doing the C25K app. When I graduated the program and felt comfortable enough with running I started to use the Nike + training app. Its a really great work out and you can start with a beginners program to "get lean" "get toned" or "get strong". They also have seperate work outs you can browse through and choose at will. The only thing with the program option, is that its a crazy workout and the running they do is pretty intense. It is very effective though.

If youre looking for something a little softer on the joints yoga is also a great day off option. It helps me a lot through the cold months because my knees get really upset when it gets cold out.

Good luck!!

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Hi RunFromClowns,

I also love the name. I'd just like to comment on one section of what you said and that's dropping some pounds. Folks have probably heard Kelly and I repeat this like a broken record but Paleo is where it's at! If you learn to eat Paleo and keep running, you wont have to worry about pounds or calorie counting. They'll just fall off of you, along with your clothes so make sure you have some money stashed for more. LOL Diet is 80% of weight loss! BTW 40 pounds since August doing exactly what I told you. Paleo + exercise.

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