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Why is this program based on a 6 min mile?


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I'm not getting this program... I have actually run a full and 2 half marathons... But it's been years so I figured I try this... I like the app but why on earth would it be based on 10 min mile... If you run into asked on just the time you fall further and further behind.... Am I missing something.... Lol :)

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But if you look at the final run..

Run 10k or 60 min... Which basically says you've made it to a 60 minute run... Which unless your Running at 6mph (10 minute mile) you never actually reach Running a 10k...

The program should be named:

Couch to Running for an hour... Lol:)

I'm on week 7....at this point it looks like I now have to ignore the time if I want to get to the goal of a 10k...

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Great question Darmtech!  

I can't wait to get to week 7 - congratulations on your progress!!  You have successfully used C25k effectively, that is, you are out there running again, which is exactly what Josh Clark (a non runner to begin with) created Couch-to-5K for  ... a starting point and ONLY a guideline.  That said, if it is too slow ... absolutely adjust it so that it meets YOUR personal needs and goals.   


Here are two articles I had fun reading:

How the Couch to 5k Running Plan Works

No Pain, No Pain: The "couch to 5K" and Humane Design by Josh Clark


Congratulations on completing a Marathon and 2 halfs!  One of the most inspirational experiences, for me, was to be a part of my former husbands marathon run - simply being there and seeing him cross that finish line was life-affirming/changing!  My hopes are to run a marathon eventually.   I am certain I'll keep using these programs and will adjust as is needed.   


Can't wait to hear how you continue to do!  Welcome to Zenlabs Fitness!   Are you shooting for another marathon?


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