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Am I moving too fast?

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I am on week 1 day 3. I started earlier this week and I have been doing every workout twice (ex: wk 1, day 1 - today & tomorrow) I went from 5.5 mph to 6-7.4 mph today. However, I think that if I keep trying to go faster I will fail miserably in week 2 since I already feel a bit fatigue before the 60 secs of jogging end. I try to go faster every minute because I don't really know what I'm doing so I try to use that as a goal for this training. However, if I do not complete the workout next week I will be really discouraged. Could you guys please tell me how you go about doing these cardio session also do you think that doing each workout twice is too much?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Rrodrig, You can repeat days as much as you want, but it's very important to take rest days. The plan for the program is to run three days a week, not every day. Those rest days are important for your muscles to get stronger, if you keeping running every day you will find yourself fatigued very quickly.

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Exactly what Timb is saying. I worked out so much in my 30's that I had major burnout. I cardio'd like crazy for 6 days a week. Yes I was in the best shape of my life but I STILL  dread cardio with my life. I Now love the T25 workouts and just doing little workouts all day on no app days. Only way I survive.


You candy it Rro. We are all here for you. Keep it up.

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