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Trying to find my motivation again


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Hello Everyone

I was on Week 6 Day 1 and was so proud of myself and the changes i was seeing to my body...But then I had allowed other things in my life that was going on to affect me...I have lost my motivation to get back out there and finish....Its not a day that doesn't go by that i don't miss running but I cant get my body to be on the same path has my mind...Any help on how to get your motivation back would be wonderful!!! And any advice on how you keep your motivation going when you feel like everything else in your life is falling apart...

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I had a REALLY bad day not long ago when I knew I needed to go out and really didn't want to. I took inspiration from an episode of Friends...random, but stick with me. Not knowing if you are a fan, or ever watched it, I will explain...there is an episode where Chandler gets freaked out about marrying Monica and to help him get over it and get ready for their wedding (that same day), Ross tells Chandler "We're just going to have a shower!"...and then "we're just going to put our shoes on!"


It helped because I started thinking in the same way...doing the tiniest thing and not thinking past that. I put on my top...then I put on my shorts...then I put on my socks...then I put on my trainers...then I got my headphones out of my bag...then I put my key in my pocket...all the while all I did was concentrate on the one tiny little task to do next (and putting on shoes is a REALLY tiny task!)...by the time I got dressed I thought, I'm just going to go downstairs, then I'm just going to step outside...by the time you get to that point you realise there's nothing stopping you from just starting, even if you think I'm just going to run to the end of the street.


Before you know it you'll be running...because sometimes I think the prospect of going out is ridiculously hard, even if it is only 30 minutes!!


You can do it! The fact that you want to is one step already accomplished!!

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I think about the money I invested in my running shoes!! lol


But seriously, I think of my mom's poor health and the fact that I don't want to go down that road and want to be there for my kids. 


I do find it hard to get out of bed sometimes, but I never regret a good run. I just tell myself, I'll feel worse in half an hour if I don't go out and do it. I'll feel better if I do.

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