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  1. I had a REALLY bad day not long ago when I knew I needed to go out and really didn't want to. I took inspiration from an episode of Friends...random, but stick with me. Not knowing if you are a fan, or ever watched it, I will explain...there is an episode where Chandler gets freaked out about marrying Monica and to help him get over it and get ready for their wedding (that same day), Ross tells Chandler "We're just going to have a shower!"...and then "we're just going to put our shoes on!" It helped because I started thinking in the same way...doing the tiniest thing and not thinking past
  2. Hi all I recently started a blog to diarise my running/C25K efforts...among other things You can read it at http://elliemariewrites.wordpress.com I would love to hear from anyone doing the programme! Ellen
  3. I think it's well worth me pointing out that last night, for the sake of time and convenience, I deviated from low GI for the first time in two weeks and I felt like absolute crap all night! Back on the porridge this morning!! Definitely not worth feeling like that for the sake of a pizza when I could have had a salad!
  4. It's called The GI Diet by Rick Gallop. It has some recipes in, which is handy, and explains eating well and why we put on weight in a really simple way that will leave you thinking "I never thought of it like that!"...there's a table in the back to record weekly weight and inch loss (from the waist) and I very pleased to say that, after a week, and with the running I am down 4lbs and 1 inch to my waist already!!! It's encouraging to see it working and I feel brilliant!!
  5. Good luck for your 20 mins today! Let us know how you get on! Also, no idea about the blue/grey legs issue...google?!
  6. I picture the same thing...this morning I pictured my Dad at the finish line. He's in his 60s and has run both the New York and London marathons and, now that I'm older and appreciate the hard work that would have gone into this (especially New York - a city he is unfamiliar with and he ran in November 2001...a scary time!), I picture how proud he'd be that I'd follow in his footsteps and do the same thing! It's so amazing to read how well everyone is doing and so helpful to find so many other people in the same boat!
  7. I just started C25K and co-incided it with starting to eat low GI, which is working out really well! You have red/yellow/green foods, and are primarily supposed to stick to just green. I find it works because you don't want to deviate from the list...like someone is watching you and you're trying to prove them wrong...and even after only 1 week, I feel so much better. I'm only eating when I'm hungry, my entire weekly shop yesterday was 90% fruit and veg...it's a brilliant challenge to yourself, and doesn't cost anything (except what I paid for the book, which has the red/yellow/green list in!)
  8. Thank you both! I just did Week 2, Day 1 this morning and it was great! Let us all keep up the good work!
  9. At least that's what I've told everyone for as long as I remember! Hello all - I'm from the UK, just finished week 1, and feel brilliant! C25K is so motivational! I've also been eating low GI, which is working out very well!! Hooray!
  10. Hurrah - someone else from the UK. Me too. Also just finished week 1! Was tough going but I feel great...though not looking forward to running 2 mins in week 2....
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