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Day One-Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone....

Guest Shannon

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Guest Shannon

...by surronding myself with supportive, likeminded individuals focused on creating life-affirming habits.

Hi, my name is Shannon. I have become quite the hermit-my not so healthy comfort zone. It was a gradual process, yet I noticed myself withdrawing more and more...10 years distancing myself from nearly everyone, and now a former shell of who I was, or at least it feels like it. While the details are not important, I do believe a large part of why I withdrew was because I allowed myself to embrace former inlaws facts, perceptions, and beliefs of who I am, more than I embraced and valued my own.


Enough is enough. I miss my healthy and fit mind and body. Today is day one.


I'm looking forward to running again. I'm 51, a single mom of four-two still at home, 40 pounds overweight, completly out of shape and I've set my sights on a Saint Patty's day run. My children are eager for me to begin. Me too, along with a niggling inner voice that is holding on to self-doubt. Working out will certainly help by aiding in rebuilding my self-confidence. Which brings me to my next thought/question...

I've purused the boards a bit, (I'll keep checking) yet not completely and was curious if there was a particular forum/topic I could check into regularly to be encoraged, to encourage and to cheer each other on, (accountability-to and for self and others).

Engaging again-in all aspects of my life-online and offline!

Cheerfully, Shannon

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Awe, hi Shannon,


I'm sorry you have had to deal with all of that. I am glad you are wanting to get yourself back out there. I love what Dr Phil said once and its now my motto. 'No one can make you feel bad, unless you let them'!!!! I too have hid from a gossiping people and inlet them make me hide until I heard what Dr Phil said. Then , no more. Stand tall and get yourself back out there. You can do it.


Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and run!! Apps are great and keep you motivated. There is such a tremendous amount of support on here and we all cheer each other on. I am a Moderator on here and love to help everyone. I've taught fitness for years and even myself needs to get my butt back in shape. Let's do it.


You can check in on the Accountability topic in General Chat forum. A lot of us are on MyFitnessPal and cheer each other on.


Let's go for it Shannon and work hard. Good luck and can't wait to hear your Progess on here.

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You Bet Shannon,  


I love your signature saying.  It is great.  I love these boards, the best i have seen for Motivation.  I am beginning today, no more booze, bad food, etc.. healthy all the way.   Hubby is on board too.  I am excited.   We are going grocery shopping tomorrow and buying great food.  We can do this.


Hey, by the way,  I love your enthusiasm.  ZenLabsFitness is trying to find me another Moderator to help me out on here.  Since i have been on here helping, the Forums have skyrocketed and I need some help, someone whos is on here as much as me.     Let me know if you might be interested, I could use the help.  I have a huge fitness background, but I do not think you need one to be encouraging, helpful, etc...  I research online when people ask questions, answer to be of my ability, etc....  Happy posting and i will be keeping an eye on you.    Join MyFitnessPal too.   


Lets do this!

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Shannon, I think you'll find a lot of great motivation on these forums. I started the C25K program (for the third time) this summer and completed it for the first time, running my first two 5Ks in August. I moved on to the 10K program, and though I did not complete it, I used some of the principles to build my own training program for my first 10K, which I completed yesterday! I like to come on here to see the success stories, and see where people are struggling, because we all did (in the C25K program and in life). I'm quite an introvert, but I feel like I have a different voice here, and I hope you find yours and all else that you're looking for. Best of luck!

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Hi Shanon,


You and I must be kindred spirits with a few minor exceptions, I have two boys (both below 12) and I shut the world out for 6 years.. Oh and I am 100 lbs overweight. I was a runner in the past and after my divorce I stopped. I basically closed the door on all of my relationships, interests, everything except my two wonderful boys. When we divorced they were basically babies, but today I have two running mates :)


Good luck to you, please post and let us know how you're Day 1 went. Today is my Day 1 as well. Wishing you much success in all aspects of your return to life :)

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TLo <3

Reading what you shared gave me goosebumps and watery eyes.  Yes, kindred spirits. So delighted to make your acquaintance, and happy to hear we are both on Day 1 together! <3  Cheering you on from afar, yet so near in heart!  YAY!  Can't wait to hear how you progress as well!



I am an introverted extrovert, (exercising breaks me out of my shell certainly). Mind you,  I do tend to be more introverted, unless in the right company. That said,  I feel there are parts of me that I have not yet accessed because of self-doubt etc... (Marianne Williamson's quote is playing in the background of my mind right now ...reminding me to live large LOL).  


And WOW C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!  Your success experienced is so, so  inspiring!  I'm looking forward to sharing the same kind of story, in fact I want to be JUST like you when I grow up! LOL :P    I'm curious... what's next for you?  Will you run another race?



I do so love to encourage. Joining in also encourages me - it's so empowering to give and to also receive - life-affirming. Thank you for thinking of me - it is a huge invitation to consider.  For now, I'll focus on being a part of -ALL THIS- and do my best to stay the course for the next 8 weeks. [[[ bawk bawk bawk ]]] Yep, I notice a chicken afraid to commit inside!   :P   I'll do my best to bring out my inner rooster (I know corny right!) ... fairly certain I will. :D  Cheer-leading from the sidelines and joining in ... I'm good at that!   :)  


Also, I have no fitness background other than getting myself fit - the extent of my knowledge.  Like you, I read as I go and will definitely take in the tips I find here.  As a side note, three years after my fourth child, I completed the Body for Life program in 2003 with phenomenal success - fitter at 40 than when in high school. Got down to 13.3%bf towards the end of 12 weeks - down from 26.9%bf. I literally worked my butt off! I even had a mini washboard tummy to boot - I was so proud!!! 


I will join MFP - today!  I had to look the acronym up yesterday to figure out what it was - My Fitness Pals. I'll add your ID as soon as I have it installed.  :)

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Shannon, yes I'm planning on many more races. Not that I really want to compete against other people, but it's great to have that next race scheduled and paid for so I know what I'm training for, and have that goal in mind. I'm going to try to take the distance up a bit, with a 10-mile run in two months, and then (eventually) a half marathon. I can't see myself ever running a full marathon, my work and life schedule (I work many nights and weekends, around 65 hours per week) just wouldn't allow for the really long training runs. I never thought I would be a runner, and even told a friend of mine who was competing in triathlons and has completed two marathons that I thought she was crazy. Now, after getting my first few tastes of running in a few races, and pushing myself further, I'm hooked. I hurt my knee just before my 10K and I'm trying to rest it before getting into training for the 10-miler, and not getting on the road for a few miles is killing me! I'm going to go easy tomorrow, with probably a walk, and hopefully be able to run on Monday.

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Tim, good for you for listening to your body! Seriously! How many times do we (I) ignore an injury that needs our undivided attention, and keep pressing on only to slow ourselves down in the process. I learned in the past to pace myself when hurt and/or focus on the body parts I could when injured.  Besides, setbacks teach and build character, right!  "Progress not perfection". 


It made me giggle when I read that you are not really wanting to compete against other people.  I thought, "Egads! Me either!" Competing against myself is challenge enough! LOL  This will suffice.   That said, in high school I was a sprinter and LOVED competing against peers.  Today, I simply want to engage/participate and enjoy myself and others, along with improving my life (mentally, emotionally, physically).  A 5k, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and yes, a marathon is definitely dancing within. 


Having read only a few of your posts and seeing how far you have come ... I can imagine you writing about your completed marathon in the future. ;)


Your experience inspires. Thank you!

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