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  1. So I posted in the accountable section, and in it I said I would check in with weekly updates to keep myself on track Week 1 complete, and today is rest day! Little nervous for week two, as I am finding myself a bit puffed this week, but at the same time very excited!! Looks like a lot of people here are managing to make it through the weeks, so I hope I am able to do that too! Till next week! Congratulations everyone for running and good luck
  2. Hey everyone! Just a post to make things public, and wanting to declare it to myself infront of the world. To be honest, I do feel very embarrassed to share this on Facebook etc, where people know who I am. I do hold a lot of anxiety, as I have tried to have support buddies, but they got lazy and Ended up bailing out... Or when I do something or even just post about exercise my best mate thinks I am making a personal attack on her because I am "capable"? ... Don't get me wrong, lovely person however she makes her self out to be very mentally disabled and self sabotages. For example,
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