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    hip pain

    Done 2 days on week 4, pain in hip top of thigh through the day after the session, especially on standing from sitting. Better when walking though. Wonder if just muscular or more serious? Don't want to stop yet.
  2. Hi I just done wk4d1 did better than I thought I'm sure it's mind over matter though!
  3. Hi music worked, managed all runs except the last.
  4. Thanks,that's seems to have worked, starting week 4 tomorrow been putting it off but going to give it a go! And try the music too.
  5. Hi I tried this as have Spotify free app, as soon as c25k goes on the music stops. Any ideas?
  6. Hi I try to do every other day three times a week, which helps heal the aches in between.
  7. Just completed wk3 day 2 managed all the runs still gasping for air though!
  8. I ran 2 lots of 3 mins this morning and surprised myself, tried to concentrate on reaching a sign rather than waiting for the voice. Must sort out music and a play list next!
  9. Yeah your right at first I couldn't run 1 min. Mind over matter! You will be able to do it too!
  10. New to this but on wk 3 now struggling with 3 mins. but will do it as could hardly manage 1 min in wk 1!
  11. Surprised myself as didn't think I could run for a bus on wk 1. But struggling with 3 mins now, but will persevere!!
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