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  1. And then I let life get in the way starting a new job this week and didn't finish the week!!! ^sob^ I think I chickened out!!! Well I will start week 4 again! Mind over matter! Mind over matter!!!
  2. Well I did it!!! I had to Jog slower than normal, but I survived!!! I felt pretty dead after, but I survived!!! I'm gonna hurt tomorrow, but I survived hehe I have a feeling I might need to repeat a few days in week 5, but right now I know I can make it through week 4!
  3. Yeah I'm not thinking about W5D3 just yet hahaha Well I'm just about to start... Wish me luck or fortitude
  4. Don't get me started on the scariness of week 5 haha But lets just tackle Week 4! After spending way too long obese and unhealthy, 7 months ago I decided to get my butt into gear... Since then I've lost 30kgs (66lbs) and walked at least 10K a day to get healthier. For the first time I've felt I can finally start the C25K program, and have made it to week 4 (just ran Week 3 Day 3 yesterday)... and while I was super worried I wouldn't survive 3 minute runs, I did... but now... 3 minute runs and 5 minute runs? Eeeeeep? How did everyone else find week 4? Mistiism
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