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  1. OK! Week 1 down, and already have time picked out to start week 2. Need to start looking for a "run" (5k) to complete after I finish this program. A goal to look forward to and work toward.
  2. Trish & Kelly: Thanks for the encouragement! Still going--sore from the new routine in HIIT class, but did the running, also. Feeling pretty smug and satisfied, hope this feeling and determination continues! Going to study these forums and find an accountability buddy to check in with by email or virtually thru site.
  3. I have started this program before and got discouraged because I didn't or couldn't make the time or distance at the end of C25K. I am older than most of community, but I felt more energetic when I was running (shuffling?) along. I play tennis on a reg. basis and am fairly active and in excellent health, although overweight. I need to keep myself motivated so I am participating in the forums and becoming an active member. I welcome any comments and advice for how to stick with it, avoid injury and get better times and distance.
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