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  1. I spread week 5 over 2 weeks! Did each day twice and that really helped!! Maybe mentally it helped more than anything!
  2. A much better run today, 28 mins wth a 10 second walk at 8 mins to go. A minor sprint in the middle after a run in with 2 geese and their gosling!
  3. I think it's the same thing!!had another bad run on Monday. Starting to think I need to change up my route to get back in the right place mentally! Been shopping for new shoes the past few days so hoping it'll help slightly!
  4. Today I went out for another week 8 day 1! I've done it successfully 2/3 times now and completed week 7 day 3 successfully a few times also! Problem today was, I got 8 minutes in and my chest was sore, almost under my lungs! I couldn't carry on and had to walk the rest. My route was no different than a previous successful attempt! Any clues as to what went wrong? I had a good sleep, had eaten my usual pre run breakfast beforehand!
  5. ive finally managed to complete week 8 (with only 2 short walks(less than 30seconds) due to the excessive hill I decided to run up) overall I would consider this a win! Yay for me! However I have a few questions for those of you who have completed it! Does week 8 involve covering 5k in the 28 mins or over the whole warmup/run/cooldown aspect? What did you do after you completed it? I have gleaned at the 10k app and an hour is a long long time to commit to 3 times a week? I'm considering keeping up the 5k runs 3 times per week until I get to a point that they are too easy or consistently easy at least! At the moment it's hot and miss if I can run for the full duration despite having run week 7 over 4 times it seemed very hit and miss - one day I could do it, the next I couldn't, then I could do it again! Any advice or response would be appreciated!
  6. Hi! I've just started this programme and I'm already on week 3 (took me a while to figure out how to post here). Does anyone else have issues with the announcements on the free app when the phone is locked? I've noticed over the past 3 weeks that my average time per km isn't getting better but goes up and down. Has anyone else noticed this? I had expected a continuous downward trend in the time but feeling disheartened that this isn't happening. I used map my runs when I am out! Thanks for any help J
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