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    BCAA's with only cardio

    During training, muscle protein is consumed along with fat cells. Therefore, taking protein or amino acids during or immediately after exercise is beneficial. I usually drink BCAA during training. I usually take Amino X - here you can read the detailed composition and reviews. They are delicious and contain taurine. I feel invigorated and the training is more vigorous. + Also perfect isolate. It is easily digested by the body and quickly supplies the necessary nutrients
  2. michaeljonnes

    Not hungry..

    Immediately after training and do not need to eat. It can be a portion of protein and a few carbohydrates to replenish energy. A full meal should be taken in 30-40 minutes. It's hard to give you good advice without understanding your diet.
  3. michaeljonnes

    Pull up warm up

    It is possible to use warm-up of hands, shoulders and it should be enough. If possible, you can use assisted pull-UPS.
  4. Yeah, right. Use a simple formula-spend more calories than you consume. Change your diet gradually.