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  1. Tomorrow I begin my consolidation runs. Thank you so much Zenlabs for this wonderful app to start on the road to fitness. It’s not always been easy (and my target was only a week per month).....I have run almost every other day but repeated a week for a month until week 6 when I did 3 weeks then week 7 for 2 and weeks 8&9 for one week as progress to the next step seemed smaller/slightly less of a mountain to climb as stamina increased. Never would I have thought that I would run for 30 mins, to say I’m chuffed is an understatement. My next target is to speed up gradually as my pace is slow, I’m running about 4/4.8 mph instead of about 6.2 being equivalent to 5k. However I’m in my 50’s and at least a stone over the weight I’d like to be and a good bmi so I am so very happy to have completed the challenge. The fact that I’ve taken my time is down to an initial comment I read here saying “I’m repeating week X until I’m not desperate for the walk rests” so that’s what I did and it means that running has been part of my life now for 6.5 months and I look forward to the next one. Thank you for the comments I’ve read, the admissions that it was tough and the inspirational phrases, my greatest companion amongst them being: “No matter how slow you are you’re still faster than the person on the couch” Stick at it it’s so rewarding, good luck!
  2. I thought weekly changes might be too much. I was (still am) quite overweight, over 50 and have never run seriously at all. I decided to try this (inspired by friends) but thought a week repeated for a month could work without being too intimidating. If I can achieve 5k by September I’ll be so pleased.
  3. I’m doing a week a month and I’m so pleased with my progress so I reckon just repeat til you’re ready to move on
  4. Exactly as I found! Week 4 is do-able
  5. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for all the lovely motivational comments on all topics. It’s great to hear how everyone else is finding it.....not just me that thinks it’s hard then One thing’s for sure it does feel great when you’ve done it
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