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  1. Yoga is great for flexibility!
  2. Hi again No offence, but these forums are bit quiet https://healthunlocked.com/ That's a link to similar forum that is much more active
  3. Sounds like a great idea! Seems odd to me that run6.1 is so much easier than 5.3. Just substituting 6.2 for 5.3 looks good too
  4. 4 mph for walking and 5.5 mph for running is certainly faster than me. I have done semi regular sessions on fixed bike so my fitness is better than nothing. I have never tried jogging or running before. My walking pace is around 3mph and jog at 4.5 mph. that’s enough to get my heart rate up to a hard working level. I am hoping to get hooked on running and losing weight and controlling my blood pressure.
  5. Hi Wyni I'm a Newbie in my 50's too. I also have done two of the c25k runs. I live in Australia so the weather is really starting to warm up so I decided to use the gym running machines. When I have had muscle pain in the past it's been sore legs when trying to walk after a hard work out. There a lots of advice out there for sore muscles. Magnesium supplement is for muscle health. Having warm muscles is important, compression shorts help with muscle temperature and blood circulation. YouTube has loads of stretching/warming up routines to try. Hope you have a more comfortable time on your next run
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