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  1. Interesting, mine doesn't tell me where I am in the program, just to walk or run.  I guess it does say half way done and 1 minute to go, but those seem okay because I feel I've accomplished enough to keep going.  

  2. I've not experienced this while utilizing the app.  This would occasionally happen to me if I was running in the am (not gradually easing in) and hadn't slept enough or even took a multi-vitamin.  I eat light before running but coffee and water are a must.  Hoping it's a phase and you've moved on, that could easily be a deterrent.    

  3. I don't want to get into this habit, especially since I've registered for a 5k, but my last 2 runs were on the treadmill at the gym.  I'm on week 4 day 1 and it's so much easier for me.  My distance is further and I'm running faster, feeling great afterwards.   Am I doing myself an injustice? I'd love input from veteran runners! Thank you

  4. Hi everyone, 

    Since I had my second child 5 years ago, I've gained 25 pounds.  I was running 5ks after I had her but completely stopped exercising and am eating terribly.  Party over. In May I turn 40, and have made it my goal not to enter my 40th year unhealthy and the heaviest weight I've ever been in my life.  I'm only in day 2 of week one, but for me, getting started is the challenge.  I look forward to running in this healthy journey with you all! 

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