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  1. Hi there, I feel the same way. I call my journey Snatching my Sexy Back but I soon discovered I have to snatch my healthy eating habits more than exercising. I started in Nov 2019 at 321lbs and in March I am 291lbs. Now I’ve fallen off the wagon quite a few times. But I just keep getting back up and I’ve noticed I’m still loosing weight. Today I can run 22 minutes long now plus a host of other off the scale goals. Stay encouraged, that’s why I’m here... I need it! ~Nashawn
  2. Im 42 and my 2nd child was born 6yrs ago and I too was exercising...do great! Then I experienced some bad parts of life and just seemed to not have recovered. So came stress, emotional eating...and so came the weight and more weight! My body began to ache and hurt like never before. SO..in May of 2017....I got tired and a lil fearful of what I was doing to my body. I started using this app and a complete life style change in eating, out look on life, etc. Im on week 3 day 3. Im down 22lbs, fell off during the Hurricane Harvey event (emotional eating) but as of 3 days ago Im back running with the app and 5mile walks. Please keep posting, it is encouraging!
  3. Hi im new as of February 20. That was my first dya of c25k run with my hubby he's doing it along with me. Things are different this time around. We are adding nutrition and daily exercise. Im so pumped and excited that I ran and will run today. #exercise #makenoexscuses
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