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    SQteach reacted to Tuxgirl in Shouldn't it be getting easier? What am I doing wrong???   
    Interesting. I guess I've always had them feel more like bone pain. Will keep an eye on it. Haven't needed ibuprofen yet, but I will keep that in mind. 
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    SQteach reacted to torus_ot in Ready to Run   
    Run every other day, do other exercises (core, upper body, stretching) in between!
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    SQteach reacted to torus_ot in Ready to Run   
    Let us know how it went!
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    SQteach reacted to smk2098 in Just Downloaded C25k App   
    Good Morning!
    I just downloaded the c25k app and am ready to start running!  I have been working out on average 4 days a week since August last year.  I have lost 20 lbs which I am thrilled about but still have about 50 more to go.  So, how does the app work exactly?  Does it break down time for interval training with walking, jogging and running?  I want to start after work today. 
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    SQteach reacted to ChefMatt in Gotta get fit before 50th   
    Getting ready to run my first 10K with my daughter and sister. Pushing to get fit and drop 25# before my 50th birthday!
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