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    Hey guys! Training for a triathlon and I needed a running program to start me off. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey! 16 here. I struggle holding myself accountable too, but honestly my biggest motivator is my mom. I try to find someone who I can be competitive with, because that's what drives me to work my hardest.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm Kylie and I've been struggling with my weight and body confidence for almost my entire life. I've tried all of the wrong things when it comes to weight loss (believe me), but I'm finally going to start on the right track and stick with healthy food and exercise! I found the C25k program because my mom and I promised we would do a triathlon together at the end of the summer (a lofty goal, I know). So far it's been going great and I can't wait to see what changes this will bring to my life and well being! Thanks all(:
  3. From my personal experience (which isn't too extensive), it's better to ease into running than to over train. You have a way lower chance of hurting yourself too
  4. I always catch myself doing this too. I'll have to try the towel over the treadmill idea... that may help me out a lot!
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