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  1. I don't have a ton of experience, but I was having a similar issue. I was heel striking pretty badly and it was causing all kinds of issues with my knees and shins/shin splints. I ended up working quite a few runs with just my stride and the way my foot was striking. I've found that for me personally (I'm prone to under pronation) I need to have a forefoot strike to prevent any injuries. But I believe the general rule of thumb is that you want to land on the ball of your foot.
  2. Morning all, I just recently decided to use the C25k app as part of my goals for 2017. I've been getting into running for a few months now and after battles with shin splints, lack of motivation, and just general issues I think I'm finally at a place where I can now move forward. As it stands I've done a few virtual 5k's but definitely didn't do them in a manner that I'm comfortable with as it was mostly walking with periods of jogging. So I'm looking at bettering that as well as bettering my time. Also, looking for anyone to chat with and maybe help hold me accountable . Excited to get to know everyone and for 2017 running goals to be accomplished!
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