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  1. I went for my 2nd run of the program and im in agony with my left hip and lower back. My weight doesnt help it neither. For the 1st run i did it all but i. Was in pain however i only managed 6 out of the 8 today and the limped home. I wanna do this whole program so bad. Please help
  2. thanx for the advice again. i really appreciate it. Ive just done some research on the correct way to run and it seems my posture is allwrong, which i knew anyway because i walk like an ape. i was a scaffolder for nearly 10 years before retraining in Telecoms and IT and it didnt do my back any favours. the career switch hasnt helped in a health way either as im now office bound and im not as active as i once was hence the weight gain. Ive got so much work to do but i want to do it so bad. the thought of being able to run like forest gump appeals to me so much because i feel like im trapped in a body i dont want or love and to break free from it and be able to run would be such a great feeling. I am gonna do this!!!! Rich xx
  3. Thanx gor the advice. Its funny you should mention the favourable side. Its like im leaning to the left and i cant help it even if i try and straighten up i end up sort of leaning and it really hurts. Rich x
  4. Hi all I am Rich i am 37, 38 in 2 weeks and i am massively overweight. I have just completed the first day of c25k and i am dead on my feet. I suffer terribly with my back and i was in alot of pain around my left hip on that run. Any tips or advice as i really want to see this through.
  5. Hi there. I have spotify. Do i run spotify alongside the ct5k app or is there a way to get the ct5k app tp access ur spotify account?
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