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  1. Teena- It helps that I'm wonderful friends with my Real Estate broker so she isn't bothered by the fact that I'm dying and swearing into the phone!
  2. 01/20/2015- Everyone went back to work and school today and it was a bit of a battle. Everyone survived in a manner of speaking. Ligaments seem to be doing better. Staying out of heels at work. 01/21/2015 - Time without heels has made a huge difference. Tackled W2D1 and while the run was great physically, it was not as mentally cathartic as I had hoped. Business is really stacked right now and I ended up taking two calls and negotiating a real estate contract during the run. I felt distracted and like I could have gotten more out of the run if I had been able to unplug. Completed meal planning for the week and got groceries. I'm having friends over this weekend and I'm really looking forward to a huge Pot Au Feu and Berry Crumble!! Clients are back from the holiday with a vengeance so it's back in heels tomorrow. Carrying a pair of flats for between meetings as a back up. :-)
  3. That's AWESOME!!! What a great way to end the program!!! I can't wait to see what you'll do next. :-)
  4. 01/18/2015-Rest day. Lots of stretching. 01/19/2015- Lots of ligament pain in right foot. Light jog with daughter. Not timed or tracked. Absolutely perfect day outside. Enjoyed one of pur first days of sunshine in two weeks. Resting and massaging ligaments in foot before moving on to W2D1....at the insistence of my hubby.
  5. 01/17/2015- An emotional day. We lost my father 9 years ago today. Dad was morbidly obese and died from complications after gastric bypass surgery. A constant reminder of how important it is to take care of myself. I'm out of town visiting my mother and sister. Went to the local highschool and completed w1d3. My calves were really tight and slowed me down some. Overall a good run. Will definitely be doing a lot of stretching and yoga to make sure my muscles recover.
  6. Alright guys...I missed a day. So here it is: 01/14/2015- Date night. Yoga to stretch tight muscles. 01/15/2015- Terrible day at work, lost the house we were trying to buy, small emotional breakdown. 01/16/2015- Lots of wine later and it's a new day. Conquered W1D2. Every single treadmill was occupado at the gym so I also conquered my first cold weather run and first night run! Whoop!! Was definitely harder and I really struggled with keeping my breathing right, but I decided I was going to run until I didn't hate that A hole from the office anymore. Lol. Still mad....not mad enough for another trip around the block. ;-)
  7. KellyAnn, Here's the full workout schedule. The numbers are obviously using my numbers for the One Rep Max. I keep mine in an Exel Spreadsheet (that i couldn't figure out how to attach...sorry) so that it does the math for me but for reference Light is 60% 1RM, Medium is 70% and Heavy is 80%. You do the weight/rep work out for as many weeks as is listed at the bottom and at the end of the 12 weeks you find your new One Rep Max and start again! It never takes me more than 45 minutes and its a really efficient, whole body circuit. If you know of any way to attach the Excel Spreadsheet, let me know. I'd be happy to share it! WORKOUT SCHEDULE Light - 15 reps Mid - 10/8/6 Heavy - 5/3/2 Max Exercise Projected / Actual Projected / Actual Projected / Actual 90 Squats 54 50 63 60 76.5 80 200 Dead Lifts 120 120 140 140 170 170 180 Pull Downs 108 110 126 130 153 150 150 Rows 90 90 105 100 127.5 130 60 Dips 36 30 42 40 51 50 60 Bench Press 36 30 42 40 51 50 60 Clean & Press 36 30 42 40 51 50 Heavy 4 weeks Light 2 weeks Mid 6 weeks
  8. C&P is my favorite/least favorite....it really challenges me!! I put it at the end of my workout on purpose, because I'm already gassed and C&P is such a full body movement. Every rep is a "money" rep! Snatch is a fun one but my micro gym only has a cable machine and no straight bar with weights so i don't think i can pull of a Snatch without the cables jarring my back or pulling me off balance. In terms of learning Snatch and C&P a lot of Crossfit gyms will offer a free week or free day and they have training professionals to teach you the mechanics of each lift. That is where I learned both along with many others that just don't make it into my regular routine.
  9. I've seen the wireless ones and they seem really intriguing, but i currently use a pair by Ironman (i think they were $25ish). They loop over the top of my ear so even if the bud pops out while i'm running it won't fall swinging by my side for me to try to chase down.
  10. I have Ravenna 5's and LOVE them!! I did initially have heel issues and went back to the store i purchased them at and they were super helpful and showed me how to lace them differently to address the issue. Also recommended some stellar socks (Features) with a cushioned lip above the ankle of the shoe to address a blister prone spot. I currently lace mine with a runners loop but there are dozens of options and your local running store is a suberb resource!
  11. 01/13/2015: Strength Training- 3 sets of 5 reps. Squats- 90lbs Dead Lift- 180lbs Pull Down- 160lbs Dips- 50lbs Rows- 100lbs BenchPress- 60lbs Clean & Press- 60lbs Workout is supposed to be 80% of my one rep max but I don't believe many of these weights are accurate to that any more. Find new one rep max on Friday. Extensive preworkout stretching using Runners Yoga sequence to reduce muscle tightness and avoid injury during strength training. Nutrition- GF oatmeal, GF tacos (2), Homemade GF lasagna, peaches. Left water bottle at home, water intake low at work. :-( 01/14/2015- Date Night!!!
  12. Absolutely agree with this!!! "No amount of guilt will change the past, and no amount of worry will change the future." But give today hell!!!
  13. I have found that paying attention to my post workout by hydrating and intensive stretching really helped some of my muscle issues (when i ran cross country in school and again now that i'm training for my 5k). My favorite routine is Runners Yoga, a sequence i found on Pintrest with detailed explinations and photos. Don't let the term "yoga" be intimidating...its a simple series of stretches i did on my living room floor with the cat trying to burrow in my hair. Good luck and serious KUDOS for listening to your body!!
  14. This is where i will document my journey. It will be largely in journal format and is simply a place where i will record my thoughts and notes on my workouts. 01/12/2015 - W1D1: Great Run. Weather was too bad to run outside, and my preconsieved dislike for treadmills had me dragging my feet to the gym. I was pleasantly surprised by the treadmill run. While i feel that running outside is more beneficial, the treadmill allowed me to focus on my breathing and stride instead of looking for holes, uneven ground and traffic. Also, because it constantly displayed my pace, it pushed me to keep my pace up (more than i would have running outside) even during the walking portions of the circuit. Felt very tight in my muscles, in particular my hips and calves after the run so spent at least 30 minutes on a Runners Yoga Sequence (I found it on Pintrest) and woke up the next morning with nearly zero soreness. Nutrition: Toast (GF/Autoimmune Paleo Bread made with Rice Flour), GF Tacos (2), Apple w/ Peanut Butter, Bacon Omlette. Weight: 193.5
  15. HAHAHA!! Figured it out!! I even learned how to compress the file to meet the kB restriction! Whoop!
  16. Thanks everyone! I did post to Accountability 2015, thanks for the tip! Day 1 (well....my second day one...first time I had an athsma attack...lol) was great!! Had a high protein snack after work and walked to the gym (apartment complex has one), was a little intimidated my all the teeny boppers on the other treadmills but cranked my tunes and got after it. Focused on my breathing and stride. When I was finished I felt like I should have stretched outmore preworkout so iI went through a whole runners yoga sequence (check out pintrest) and made an omelette for dinner. Feel great this morning!! Although in the interest of full disclosure, I don't usually have thatuch time to devote to my post workout. My daughter is spending the week at my mother's house while she's on vacation. It will be an adjustment when she gets back but I thought it would be a great time to jumpstart my running. :-)
  17. KellyAnn, I'd like to zero in on a single person that I can keep regular contact (no offense to anyone, I just don't want to commit to several people and fail to come through in reciprocating encouragement and accountability to them) with that is encouraging and is there for a high five on good days, but won't pet me or validate my rationalizations when I make excuses. Ideally, it would be someone with similar goals and interests.
  18. Hey there!! I totally dig all of the awesome support I see you all giving each other on these forums but I'm looking for a "tough love" accountability buddy!! I'm a mom of a 3 year old, have a very demanding career, and a medical condition so I am abundant with excuses and reasons to skip a workout or ten...
  19. Am I the only one too technologically illiterate to figure out how to add a profile picture?? Haalp!!
  20. Hi everyone!! So today was my official Week 1 Day 1 and I completed it on a treadmill without dying (although I had my doubts). My preference is to run outside, but I'm tired of waiting for the freezing temperatures and rain to stop. I ran in high school but have never been very fit or much more than a mediocre athlete. This year I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and a thyroid issue. After a lot of bloodwork and trial and error, I feel great and am adjusting to a new lifestyle. Thanks to some of my medication, I now have more energy than I've had in years and have began gardening, planning a small farm, and RUNNING!! Now that I'm a mother, modeling good health and wellness is more important than ever and I'm excited for all of the changes. My daughter is 3 and already lifts weights with me (in a very controlled, safe environment with me spotting and coaching every rep) and I can't wait for better weather so she can also join me on my runs to the park. My goal is to run a 1k with my daughter (her running, no stroller) and a 5k with my best friend in the spring and train for a half marathon or a triathlon in the fall. Anyone interested in being an accountability partner let me know!!
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