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  1. I needed those 'commandments' today - thanks!
  2. yes, please. been streaming Lindsey Sterling from Spotify but would like to make an actual playlist for run day in case it won't stream where we are.
  3. going to try what was suggested up there, having similar problems, have just been converting data and doing manual entry. I also have map my walk app and none of them seem to want to 'talk' to each other, lol
  4. Need some advice - Week 5 day 3 is kicking my butt - have made a run at it the twenty minutes twice now, haven't finished and as you know when I stop the workout then it goes back to that day (as it should). Next time should I let the clock run no matter if it's all run or interval and just move on, or stay with it till I get it? Other question, what are some good alternate day things to do to build my endurance? swimming or biking? thanks. First 5K 5 weeks from tomorrow.
  5. 51, was 30 lbs heavier 18 mos ago, pre-diabetic, logged food, let the sugar go and started exercising, training for my first 5K, never ran before unless something was chasing me! Signed up to do first 5K run with my brother in October. A1C back in normal range, feeling better and in better shape than maybe my whole life.
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