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  1. Hi guys, I completed the C25K challenge a few months ago and was running 5k regularly several times a week for about 2 months. I was able to run 5k again this week and am working up to running 10k with the app but I also want to increase my speed. Any tips on how I can achieve both within the C210K timeframe? Thanks in advance!
  2. What are you waiting to hear back from your doctor?
  3. I nust finished week 6 on the 5k app and it feels awesome. I didnt think id be able to run that long again but it was actually quite easy. Cant wait to do it again and again
  4. You can do it Riverrotter. I found distraction works best for me as well as listening to my favourite tunes so Im not focusing on the time but rather just trying to zone out and clear my head. I didnt think Id ever be able to run 23 mins straight - Im up to week 7 - you can do it too! Slow down as well if you need to.
  5. Hey Blayne, are you doing the 5k or the 10k at the moment?
  6. What is everyone else up to and has anyone thought of signing up to a 5k run?
  7. Woo hoo. Finally managed to get over the 20 minute mental hurdle today. Just kept pushing through it and slowed pace down to 8.0km/hr, was the best feeling ever being able to overcome the mental struggle. Now just to see if I can repeat it again
  8. Hi all, Ive been struggling a bit on week 5 day 3- havent actually tried it yet, been doing day 1 and day 2 several times already. Feel like its such a huge hurdle and need to be in the right headspace to even attempt it as I dont want to fail. I did however manage to run 13 minutes straight today. What are some of your tips or tricks to get through it mentally? Thanks!
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