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  1. I know so many people say this, but slow down. It doesn't matter if you run fast or slow, as long as you're moving you're doing it. I still don't have a 10 minute pace and today is my last day of week 8. Keep the pace low, and most importantly, start with a slow pace. I noticed until I started using a BPM music app that I was starting fast, burning myself out, and then had a hard time finishing. If you try to start slow and stay slow, you should have an easier time. Most importantly, don't give up. Running is such a mental game with yourself. Good luck!
  2. I'm confused - mine ends at week 8 day 3! That's what I'm on today...but mine doesn't keep going! Are we talking about the 10k app?
  3. Hey Everyone! So today is my final day of C25K! I'm very excited, as this has really helped me get into running! I run about a 13 minute mile right now so I have a long ways to go, but I'm working on it. My question is this - I have found an app that has playlists that are done based on BPM (beats per minute) and it helps me keep my pace so much better - I can run to the beat and not have to focus on my pace as much. This helps me so much because otherwise I start off fast and can't keep the pace. The app I was using, Rock My Run, just informed me that it's $26 per year to keep using it. I feel like it's a bit pricey so I'm wondering if anyone knows of an app or website that will run on my phone and play music for me that keeps the BPM constant? Thanks!! Happy running!
  4. If I have the time, I really like to do some dynamic stretches as well as static stretches before I even do my warm up walk. Typically for me, I'm in the same boat as you - walking just doesn't get me warmed up enough. Static stretches are those that you basically keep still for - like a deep lunge, calf stretches, heels to your butt, etc. Dynamic stretches are more like a 10 yard pace of high knees, walking lunges, skipping, etc. That gets me warmed up a lot better and I feel more ready for my runs. Good luck!
  5. I think it depends a lot on your body, but overuse injuries are pretty common in running. They work the off days into the program on purpose. I try to do something low-impact on my rest days, so I'm not resting completely, but I'm giving my body a chance to recover from my runs.
  6. I use C25K and Map My Run at the same time. I just start them both and then get going. They don't interrupt each other, and Map My Run keeps good mileage details.
  7. I think taking days off from running is key, especially when you're new to running. I have been running every other day - on the off days, I do strength training, or kettle bells, or something else that is a bit lower impact.
  8. Hi everyone! I am about to start day 1 of week 4 today! I'm pretty excited, new to running, and I have been loving it. I see a lot of people repeating weeks. I get that it's a fine thing to do, but I'm wondering if I'm missing out by not doing it. I go every other day for a run, so while I'm starting week 4, I have been doing it for 3 1/2 weeks (cutting out 1 day of rest each week). I get through the runs, they are a bit difficult but I haven't had to walk through any parts. Should I be repeating a week until I can run it with ease, or just keep going? I feel each run is a bit easier than the last, and I'm proud of my progress, but I want to make sure I'm progressing truly and not just pushing through and calling it "good enough". Thanks!!
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