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  1. Victoria I hope your run today went well and congratulations on starting the program AND big kudos for quitting smoking! Girl if you can quit smoking then you can do anything. I quit a few months ago and I know how hard it is but if you put that same will power into this program as you have into quitting smoking then you'll have no problems. Happy Running!
  2. Jill, we have so much in common. I, too, am a Jill and I suffer from asthma and it's kind of scary when it comes to running. I always run with my inhaler first and foremost just in case. I have found that controlling my breathing has made a difference in my asthma while running as well as while resting. I breathe deeply from the belly in for three footfalls and out for two. As my speed increases and I have the need to breathe faster, it's in for two and out for one. Also, I had a really hard time with shin splints when I first started out. A great stretch that I found for shin splints is to stand on the edge of a step and stretch those ankle/lower calf muscles by keeping your toes and the ball of your foot on the step and bringing your heel down below the step and then back up on your toes. Do this stretch before and after working out and it should increase the strength in those muscles and gradually the shin splints will go away. Until that time, when you have them, take a rolling pin and massage those muscles and ice them. It's painful and aggravating, but eventually they do go away (or at least they have for me). I have also found that the more I progress in the program and the stronger I become, my knees, ankles, and lower back pain is decreasing. The stronger you get, the easier it gets! Stay positive and motivated and happy running!
  3. Kelly I have been healing well and am so happy! I'm still taking it pretty slow, just doing a steady slow pace on the treadmill right now but can feel that my knee is getting stronger but it still occasionally "gives away" if I try to move too fast. Hopefully next week I am going to pick the pace back up and get back into C25K soon! I love the support in this forum and thanks for thinking of me! *hugs*
  4. PBW that's a very broad question, but asking it is the first step... to start changing your lifestyle, you only need to make the decision to do so. You just need to take into consideration what you want to change. Diet, exercise, any other health related changes that need to be made. One piece of advice that I can give you is to be cautious to not try to change too much at one time. Pick the biggest thing that you want to conquer and work on it first. As you settle in to this change, then you can integrate something else. If you try to change too much at once it's very difficult not only physically but mentally. If you have that "want" to change... then you can do it!
  5. Thanks so much for the encouragement and well wishes Bobo It always helps to know that you're not alone in an experience or a struggle.
  6. Thank you so much Kelly for the kind words and support! I use the term "blown out knee" because it just gave out from under me when I was crossing fallen tree in my path while "wogging" in the woods behind my house. Ortho says it's just a bad sprain and I have a stupid brace on my stupid knee that I am keeping stabilized for a couple more days. After that, I can wear a brace that has more give and slowly work my way back to some movement, but he suggested that I wear the brace from here on out when running to help prevent this from happening again. He also wants me to go very easy next week (just a slow walk) and then in a couple of more weeks I'm clear to ease myself back into a normal workout routine. I'm sure that I'll have to start the program from week 1 again but hopefully I'll be back up to my current pace soon. I've been doing some leg lifts, weights for my arms and trying to do some ab crunches in my recliner just to keep moving. Thank you again for the support, it really means a lot
  7. Rachel I'm fascinated when you say that you want to get back into boxing! I love boxing! Although I've never technically sparred with anyone, (outside of my younger, redneck rowdy days), I do have a punching bag hanging in my garage and find it to be the ultimate stress release! Good luck to you
  8. Wow you are one tough cookie! I really hope that this program helps you.
  9. First of all I love the word "wog" and plan to steal it LOL! And the embarrassment that you felt is understandable... we psych ourselves up, pep talk, all that good stuff to be "ready" for anything that we decide to throw at ourselves and anything less than what we expected can feel like a failure. Just remember, you finished a 5K! OMG do you realize how awesome it is just to have finished it?! No matter how long it took you, be proud that you did it and you can only improve from here
  10. Congratulations on beginning the program! There have lots of great articles posted regarding breathing advice when running that you should definitely check out. I'm no stranger to labored breathing as a former smoker but with concentration and learning to breathe from my belly and not my chest I've noticed a BIG difference and I'm sure that this will help you out too! Happy Running
  11. Thanks so much for the advice but I will have to file it away for the future as I have blown out my knee I could cry I am so devastated I know it's going to really set me back.
  12. Ok, I have registered for my first 5K on 10/25 and I'm freaking out now LOL! I'm participating in the Zombie 5K Run/Walk/Shuffle to raise money for a local community playground. In this particular 5K (which I'm totally stoked about) you are running a woodland trail and trying to make it to the end without hoards of Zombies that are hiding throughout the trail getting your three flags. And for added fun, it's a night run! There are going to be lights strung along the trail (kind of like Christmas lights) but it will still be really spooky and really fun! With all of that being said, this will be my first 5K. Mentally I'm ready and I'm psyched for this but I fear that I'm not physically ready yet. My friend and I have decided to do this together since we're at about the same fitness level and won't be holding the other back because neither of us have RUN that distance or time before. 2.5 miles is a normal 30 minute workout for me. SO what's another .7 miles right? I would really welcome some pointers. Any advice, what do I eat? How much do I drink? What if I can't make it? Anything in particular that helped you get through your first 5K?
  13. Alikat the beauty of this app is that it's all on you and on your schedule. Most people seem to try to do the workouts every other day. This is good because it gives your muscles time to rest and rebuild from the workout. However I have seen recommendations of different types of workouts such as strength training on your days off. Personally, I do C25K Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes on Saturday depending on my schedule that day and I do Yoga on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and I love how it makes me feel! Also, I don't know about others but I always have my water bottle while running to give myself a little boost. I don't chug it because I don't want it coming back up LOL! But I do sip on it to try and slowly stay hydrated. Hope this helps and glad you've joined us! Happy Running
  14. farmgirl


    Welcome Chris! So glad to have you join the forum and glad that you're working on the lifestyle change. One big thing that you have going for you is that you love running, I'm not a fan myself but I do love the feeling that I have afterwards and am finding it to be addicting! We're all in the same boat so any time you have any questions or just need some motivation that's why we're all here. Happy Running
  15. Very excited for y'all for making the decision! I really love this app. There is something about it that motivates me to push that extra few seconds to make it until I get the voice prompt to walk and then WOOHOO! I don't know what your fitness level is, I really had none when I started LOL! If you find that it is too difficult to move to the next week, don't be afraid to repeat a week or a day. It's better to do this than to give up. Just stick with it and support each other and if you ever need that extra support or have any questions just ask Happy Running!
  16. R4ul I still occasionally have issues when I'm trying to walk/run up a hill but it's about the only time that I'm having issues now. I started doing some stretches that involve standing on the edge of my stairs with the ball of my foot on the step and my heel hanging over. I flex so that my heels go downward and then back up on my toes. This stretch is helping to build my ankle and calf muscles and has helped with the ankle pain a LOT. Also, I work out more often on a "stride rite" machine than running on the road because the road is when I have the most pain. The stride rite machine is kind of a hybrid between treadmill and elliptical and is very easy on my joints and I have been very successful on this machine. Try the stretches and if your issue is the same as mine it will lessen as you strengthen the muscles in that area. Good luck and happy running!
  17. Melissa I used to say the same thing until I realized that my butt is the big thing that's chasing me and I NEED to run from it! I'm not sure what kind of lack of support that you get at home, but I may have a similar situation. My husband and I don't have children and my cooking is something that he really loves and I cook like a southern woman should and I love it too LOL! He has never been wild about the idea of going on a "diet" and neither am I really. He doesn't really need to lose weight so if I go on a diet, he does too. With only the two of us it would be very difficult for just one of us to be on a diet. So my solution has been to keep on cooking the way I always have but I have started cutting my portions. I am eating the same yummy foods but cutting out seconds and I'm using a smaller plate to fool my eyes and brain. I can imagine that if you're cooking for a husband and children it would be nearly impossible for you to go on a traditional "diet" by yourself so this may work for you as it has for me. Any way that you do it though, just do it! Don't give up and do this for yourself
  18. Thanks for the advice Kate! However, there are no shops quite like this anywhere near me. I've looked for running shops too where I could have my running style analyzed to recommend good shoes but this would be a day trip for me LOL! It's a sacrifice that I have to make for my rural mountain paradise living I guess I will, however, check out these brands online to see if I can find something that fits both my chest and my budget.
  19. Thanks so much for the advice ladies
  20. Ok Ladies I need some advice. There's no way to ask this without being blunt, but I need some help keeping "the girls" from jiggling so bad when I run. I have been blessed with an ample chest and I'm having trouble finding a sports bra that will reign them in. I have gone as far as buying one that's a couple of sizes too small and geez it hurts! When I run they run too and it's becoming very uncomfortable on the days that I run the track or outdoors. I don't want to have to choose between being able to breathe or bruising my boobs and I'm sure that I'm not alone in this struggle so can anyone give me any advice on a great sports bra?
  21. When you finish your first session it will give you the option to share on Facebook or Twitter. You will have to sign in to your social media account from the C25K app to integrate the two. After the initial setup all you have to do is share after you finish each workout if you wish. Happy Running!
  22. Way to go Zera! You've made a lot of progress in your weight loss so far I'm sure that this can only help! Quitting smoking is such a hard task. I quit nearly 3 months ago and I will fess up, I've slipped a couple of times but I completely regretted it. I am telling a huge difference in my breathing lately since I've quit so keep at it, the rewards are worth the feeling of "suffering" through a craving. Good luck with the C25K and you'll be amazed how much easier it is once you've given up the cigs!
  23. Wow Beth those are some pretty awesome goals! Never ever feel like a failure... we have set backs, not failures. It's a failure when you don't move on from it, and you're moving on! It sounds like you're a very independent woman but don't forget that even those of us who are self-reliant do need someone to lean on from time to time. There are some awesome people in this forum who are here to support you and to help you stay motivated and you can come here and vent any frustrations or fears that you may have. The best thing is that you never have to feel like a failure because you're not going to be judged. We're all in this together and we've all experienced both successes and set backs. You're not alone in struggling to keep up with the program. I did week 1 for three straight weeks... did week 2 for three weeks before finally making the jump to week three. Don't be afraid to repeat the weeks if you need to but don't give up. If you set your mind to it, then you can reach those goals. But be prepared, my friend, that if you should not quite make the goals that you have set now that it's ok and don't give up! You may find yourself repeating weeks like I have but the entire point of the C25K program is to get us up and moving and that's what's important. Be proud of yourself for every step that you take toward a healthier you. Happy Running
  24. Way to go Kate! First of all, major kudos on quitting smoking! I quit smoking myself two months ago and I know how tough it is but stay strong and soon you'll start feeling the benefits of this change for the better. Also congratulations on beginning C25K! Just keep your motivation and you'll do great
  25. farmgirl

    Music Playlist

    Rosie I'm not 100% on the Motorola's because I have a Samsung Galaxy but with them both being Android I can't imagine a huge difference. Your Android based phone should have a music player built in that will let you make a playlist. If not, I suggest Google Play Music Player. It's part of the Google Play App pack. Google Play is kind of a shopping App, but the Google Music Player came with it for me and you may be able to download it as a standalone. It's very user friendly and you can make numerous playlists. I haven't tried to run the music player built into C25K myself but for me, I bring up Google Music and start my playlist and then I start C25K and they work really well together. The music lowers a bit automatically when C25K prompts me to change between running and walking. I really hope that this helps you because I know how important an awesome playlist is to motivating you to go those last few minutes!
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