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  1. You're welcome Skeeter and you might as well give it a go! You never know, you may be more ready than you realize I have signed up for a 5K on Oct 18th and in my mind I'm nowhere near ready. Chances are that I'll walk as much as I run LOL! But my friends and I will be crossing that finish line no matter how long it takes and we'll be rockin' our camo tutu's and home-made tiara's because it's all about having fun, getting healthy, and in this case helping to raise money for an awesome cause. Happy Running!
  2. Welcome to the running world Lacy and congratulations on your decision for a healthier lifestyle and you should be proud of yourself, the hardest part of starting the C25K program is out of the way! It's actually pretty normal to feel a bit sick after beginning running. It's kind of your body's way of protesting the change. However keep an eye on it, if it becomes a regular issue you should definitely speak to a doctor. Keep it up and you'll get there
  3. Jay that's awesome! It's amazing what your body can do when your mind gets out of the way Keep it up!
  4. farmgirl

    nervous beginner

    OMG you guys are awesome! It's such a wonderful feeling knowing that we're all in this together and seeing this support! And Ju, don't worry too much yet about your results, right now it's just about getting your body used to moving again. The distance will increase naturally as your stamina increases. Sreca keep that positive attitude... it'll get you just as far as your body will! Happy Running everyone!
  5. First of all congrats on finishing Day 3 and welcome back to the world of running! Secondly, I'm sorry but I really don't know anything about Apple products. Anyone of the Apple Geniuses in the forum?
  6. farmgirl

    New again

    Yes it is easy to quit, but why waste all of the progress you've made? My goodness you're through week 2 and that's a big accomplishment! Just imagine how awesome it's going to feel to see that last day completed on the app! It is difficult sometimes to find time to run, but it's only 30 minutes a day... find your motivation and don't give up
  7. You should definitely check out Google Play Music. Google Play, in itself, is more of an app store, but the Google Play Music comes as part of it and I love it myself. The Samsung Music player that comes already in the Galaxy series of phones works also. I love Pandora too and am able to use it when I can get on my Wifi at home or at the gym, but I live in the boonies and don't have a sufficient cell signal to listen to Pandora when walking/running the dirt roads in my neighborhood but that's ok... it's my quiet time to enjoy the peacefulness of my beautiful mountain home It's awesome that the music apps, C25K, and Map My Run all run pretty well together!
  8. I'm so glad that you've found your happy place to work out! I go to the gym as well and love it! I'm hoping to transition from running on a machine to running on the track soon but we'll just have to see what me knees have to say about that LOL! Congrats on both your decision to get fit AND on your engagement
  9. farmgirl

    nervous beginner

    OH honey don't be nervous! You're doing this for you and only you... no one else to impress, no one else's business unless you want it to be The biggest thing that you need to remember is that you're not alone. There are tons of us that have started C25K for various reasons and we're all in this together. Like Kellyb said, Just do it! I'm going to be honest with you I'm not a big fan of running. The fact is I pretty much hate life while I'm running... but I have fallen in love with the feeling that I have afterwards, and I'm REALLY loving all of the people that are asking me if I'm losing weight! Just ease yourself into it, don't be afraid to repeat weeks and push yourself. You'll be surprised by what your body can do when your mind will let it. Happy Running!
  10. Did you mean "pay" for Google Play? If so, then no, the app itself is free. They often have free music to download as well, but most of it you pay to download just like iTunes or Amazon. There are several different apps in the "Google Play" world, and Play Music is the app that I use, they all kind of come as a bundle. The tech geek part of me couldn't really imagine that there would be an issue with any music player app working in conjunction with the C25K app, you would just have to start them independently but I have my music playing and I hear the prompts from C25K over the music with no issues.
  11. Fatruns I hope it goes well for you! It is SO tough coming back from a respiratory issue and asthma on top of it is just a little scary. I hope your return to running went well for you
  12. You can do it Beth! I hope it's going well for you
  13. I have the pro version and also use Google Play. I made my workout playlist in Google Play, so I run them both at the same time. I start my music in Google Play, and then bring up my C25K app and start it. They run together very well on my phone (also a Galaxy S4). I've never tried to use the music player build into the C25K app because the way that I do it works really well. Hope this helps and Happy Running!
  14. The biggest step is making the decision to do this! Good luck and stay motivated for yourself and your loves
  15. Alex don't give up! Be sure to rest though, sometimes doing too much is what will make you sick. And it's ok if you didn't get through all of the runs at first, you will! Just keep at it and over time your body will grow stronger as your stamina increases. Not everyone goes at the same pace... don't be afraid to repeat weeks or whatever you have to do, but don't give up
  16. Thank you both so much for the encouragement! It's really motivating to come to this forum and see that I'm not alone in my struggles and my fears
  17. So, here's my deal. I'm 36, I'm a big girl and have been very unhealthy for many years. I'm 6ft1 and *sigh* 340lbs. I know... REALLY big girl. Honestly I have never been thin, or fit really so I have never really felt fat. I'm happily married, my husband loves me as I am and only wants me to be happy so finding love was my not motivation to get in shape. It was that number. I stepped on a scale for the first time in quite some time and saw that number and was horrified. I have never really FELT that big... but that's a big number. I've always said that if you see me running you'd better run too because something big is after me. Well, since I've become that something big, it clicked. I quit smoking (yep, smoked since I was 17) and I have started C25K. Talk about grumpy kitty I have hated the world for the past month LOL! I completed Week 1 Day 1 on 8/6. I did three weeks of Week 1 before being brave enough to move on to Week 2 and I DID IT! I could have cried I was so excited! THEN... the very next day I got sick with an upper respiratory infection and had two weeks hiatus from C25K. Since then, though, I started back this week and did Week 2 Day 1 again today and I am SO excited! I've lost 7 lbs over the last month. That's just a drop in the bucket but it's a start! To be honest I haven't changed any eating habits because let's face it... if I give up smoking, start running, AND give up my favorite foods I would be so hateful that even I wouldn't be able to stand me. I have, though, given up sodas. I drink only water, coffee, and the occasional Angry Orchard. I work full time, have a husband, a farm, I'm in college, and I am MAKING time for myself with C25K. I can honestly say that I look forward to working out and I'm REALLY looking forward to the day that I cross the finish line of my first 5K! If I can do this... with my recovering smoker lungs and giant rear-end then anyone can do this! Thank you so much C25K!!
  18. Honestly the only way that I've found to avoid chub rub is to wear capris. Danskin makes a very comfy moisture wicking capri and you can find them at Walmart or on Walmart's website. Very reasonably priced. Maybe after I lose weight I can rock some shorts when running but right now they just ride up too much and capri's give me one less thing to worry about LOL!
  19. farmgirl

    joint pain

    I agree 100% with the shoes... your shoes are going to make or break your success when it comes to running. Also I don't know your situation, body build, etc... but I started running on the pavement and my ankles and knees were so painful that I just couldn't do it. I started doing the C25K program on a "Stride Right" machine at the local gym (kind of a cross between a treadmill and elliptical) and I have no more joint pain and have been progressing well with the program. I hope that you can find the solution that is right for you. Happy Running
  20. farmgirl


    Awesomeness! I hope to be there very soon myself
  21. It could really be any number of things. First thing I would look for would be swelling or warmth to the touch. If either of those exists then you should probably take it easy for a while as it could be a tendon/ligament injury. The side of your foot is full of them.
  22. Thank you Momof4 and congrats on starting Week 5! I love how much support there is in this forum. It's so easy to be afraid of a hurdle and it's supportive people such as yourself that really help others to see that it is possible And my husband keeps telling me that I'm running circles around everyone that's on their couch!
  23. Thanks for the encouragement Timb it always helps! I returned to the gym today and just did a brisk walk for 30 minutes and it was pretty tough but I made it through. I think I'm going to try tomorrow to do a week 1 day and I'm setting a goal to do a week 2 day on Friday. And you're 100% on the nose with it being very mental. I always have my asthma in the back of my mind but it's in the forefront when I've had a respiratory infection. I will eventually get there and again, I really do appreciate the kind words of encouragement!
  24. I'm so frustrated. I was all excited because after 2 1/2 weeks of repeating week 1 I had finally conquered week 2 day 1 and then I got sick. It started with a head cold and turned into an upper respiratory infection. I just haven't had the energy or the lung capacity to try and work out the past few days. I have finally gotten over the hump and on my way to feeling/breathing better, although still not 100%, and am planning to head back to the gym Tuesday after work and it will have been a week since my last workout. My question is, has anyone else been in this boat? Were you able to pick up where you left off or did it set you back? I was SO excited about making it through the 90 second runs sequence and I could have cried (VERY big deal for me) and now I feel so deflated.
  25. Samantha I really hate to read that some guys yelled nastiness at you while you were running. Remember that just like the will to run, this self-consciousness is all in your head and you CAN control it. It's hard, I know because I've been there but you can do this! The hardest part is making the decision and the commitment to get in shape for you and the only opinion that matters is yours. God Bless you in your journey
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