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  1. A local running group have put on free learn to run classes once a week following the c25k plan. It was really good to have a bit of moral support. 75 newbies went to week 1!! I'm using the app to run twice in between the weekly group class. Really enjoying it!
  2. Day 1 or week 2 done today. Joined a learn to run class on Monday so have some moral support once a week too!
  3. I did day 2 yesterday. Day 3 will be tomorrow or Saturday
  4. Well done! I think I'll ache tomorrow...
  5. I did day 1 today too... well done us!!!
  6. Week 1 Day 1 completed... even though it was raining!
  7. Hi everyone. I'm just getting myself all sorted for day 1 tomorrow so that I don't have any excuse not to make a start on the programme tomorrow... I have tried c25k a couple of times before but didn't see it through to the end. Feeling determined this time. Dry January + c25k + sensible eating = weight loss! Good luck to everyone else starting tomorrow! SM
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