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  1. I feel your concern and due to some tiny medical issues I can't run or jog lightly, I also feel like a hippo.I have suffered from shin splints and plantar's fascitis since November. I couldn't do the 20 min run and have tried twice. I have to give my feet and ankles a walk rest after 10-11 minutes, so I am going to repeat the days preceding week 5 day 3 and inch forward slowly, 3 minutes at a time til I am there. We all have our issues and should only compete with ourselves. I have signed up for my 1st 5k on January 3oth, I think I should have waited, but I thought I would be ready. I am still going to go for it, if I walk/run it and finish last so be it. I have to experience it to know where I need to improve. No matter where we finish, we tried and we aren't on the couch, so applause to you and keep trying and keep us informed. Good luck
  2. I am going to try again today, but if I feel I can't do it I will take a 2 minute walk 10 or 11 minutes in. I really love this app. I know we all have different paces, I am just a tad dissapointed I couldn't do it. I also think the colder weather limited my air intake, We had a bad windchill factor that day, (Our winter has thus far been warmer than normal so this was a sudden change for me, I hadn't ran in this kind of temp yet) so I HOPE today will be the hurdle I cross. Thanks all. Love the forums too
  3. It is really cold outside and we have a fairly strong wind in East Tennessee today, maybe that's why I couldn't transition from 8 minute run blocks to 20 minutes without a walk break. SO should I repeat all of week 5, or repeat the day I failed, or how do I move on? I did the entire exercise plus almost 8 additional minutes, but only jogged 11 mins twice with a couple of walk breaks in between, so I am obviously not ready for this big of an increase in running time. I don't want to get discouraged. Thanks.
  4. Orlandomp keep it up! Take it at your pace. I have found every other day do the c25k app and then maybe some weights or something mildly aerobic on other days. I personally can't let 2 days get between me and my effort to walk/jog or my pain returns so on a day when I must miss, I will still wlak at least 15 minutes outside or on the elliptical and that almost reduced my leg, foot ankle pain when I would return to the jogging days. Walk briskly if you can't jog or run, you will build up to it at YOUR pace. So proud of you.
  5. welcome and congrats on the progress so far! Keep us updated! I am so excited for you.
  6. Congratulations Rich183. I began day 1 of week 5 today and must admit it felt so good!!! I have had to repeat both weeks 3 and 4 due to holidays and work scheduling and maybe thats why week 5 felt so natural, but I am enjoying this soooo much! I truly didn't believe I would be able to run 30 mins straight when I began this program, and even until this very day I think I might be one who may have to break it down and do it slower, but as long as I get there, it matters not if I do it in 9 weeks or 12, as long as I am being active good things will surely result. Keep it up!!!! I am proud of you and of all of us tackling the effort to lead a more active lifestyle.
  7. Awesome! Don't stop now. Keep on keeping on.
  8. I just started week 3 (this week) and must admit that the first day of 3 min runs did give me some challenges. Doing day 2 tonight, I hope I don't have to repeat week 3 already, but whatever it takes I am willing. Congrats on your progress. These forums help with motivation.
  9. tamap19


    Very proud of you that you began. Do it at your pace and keep us informed.
  10. Thanks! I am really enjoying this. I feel better already, breathing deeper, more energy, or think I do and that counts even if it's all in my mind! Week 2 day 2, but I repeated one of week 1 and may have to repeat today as a ferocious shin cramp slowed me down and 1 of my 6 runs was interrupted. Not sure if that means I should repeat it, as I did week 1 or how to handle slower or interrupted days but twice I have walked beyond the exercise for 5 additional minutes, just enjoying myself. I am doing some exercises on off days, too. I am very excited to finally find something that may improve my health and I feel I will stick with.
  11. I just wanted to say hello, and start following the forum to see other success stories which will encourage me to keep going. Just finished week 1 and looking forward to upcoming weeks. I want to try my 1st 5k January 30th (9 weeks).. As long as the injuries stay away I am truly motivated to commit for life to running 3+ times per week. I started on high bp meds this year, I have a thyroid problem and am 25-30 lbs overweight. Now the doc wants me on high cholesterol rx so this is my motivation, to NOT have to take meds. I am changing my diet slowly and becoming more active. I want the weight to come off but health is the most important factor, so as long as I lose that weight within a year, I will be happy. Few questions: I suffer from plantars fascitis, i do wear inserts in my shoes, which are new balance with memory foam. Any suggestions in brand of shoes or suggestions to reduce risk of further problems with feet? Additional question, a few years ago I tried running and I believe i just started too fast, too hard, and i ended up with swollen knees and ankles which hurt like heck, so I didn't even complete 6 weeks. I haven't ran since.. SO If I follow this c25k program should that eliminate that issue? Thanks in advance everyone for any replies or suggestions.
  12. So glad so see someone near my age. I just finished week1. looking forward to each progressive week. Keep in touch!
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