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  1. Ok I finished the program a couple of weeks ago and have just been repeating the last week basically. I just added like 5 more minutes of running to each day I ran. My first 5k is still a few weeks away so I want to continue to get better but dont want to burn my energy up beforehand either. Just want some advice on what to do for the next 3 weeks to be ready. Thanks so much!
  2. Ok just finished the last day and very happy about that! However, I am able to do the 30 minutes no problem but only getting 2.5 miles in that time. No stopping, I ran the entire time, guess I am just a slow runner! There are several hills in my normal run which definitely slow me down but hate making excuses. My first 5k is a couple of weeks away so I plan to focus on distance more the next 2 weeks instead of time so much. Does this make sense?
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