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  1. JetGirl

    Knee pain

    John C, let me know how it goes for you!
  2. My best friend inspires me. She runs at least five miles every morning before her workout. She's a personal trainer, a mom of three, and people guess her age as mid 20s all the time (she's actually in her early 40s!). She never stops going, no matter what the adversity and she's had nearly every bone in her body broken multiple times (she's full of pins, screws, mesh screen, you name it)...she never pulls the "poor me" pity card, she just gets stuff DONE. I admire her greatly and being around her makes me want to be stronger and better for myself and my family.
  3. JetGirl

    Knee pain

    Thanks. I had to look up "RICE" to see what you meant, and it turns out that's pretty much what I'm doing. I did stop running (more like slow jog in my case!) but still kept walking a non-jarring pace. I have a PT going through knee strengthening exercises with me similar to pre-op/post-op stuff. This morning is the first morning the pain hasn't been so bad as to induce nausea, and it wasn't swollen as tight & stiff. I'll take that as a "win" and keep on keeping on. Thanks for the advice.
  4. It switches between Kryptonite and Shut Up and Dance.
  5. JetGirl

    Knee pain

    Same here. Swollen left knee. I hope I didn't make it worse by doing the program anyhow.
  6. You're an inspiration! Im starting week 1 day 3 and I can see this working for me, too. My top weight was 245 and I'm currently at 224 and (hopefully) dropping. I've also joined a gym where my best friend works as a trainer, so she's been giving me tips on circuit training. I look forward to hearing more about your success!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement! I need all I can get! Here's to "day 2"...
  8. Hello, folks! I tried the app for the first time today. I have never run, nor had the desire to, but my weight and lack of being in shape at 46 dictates I must do SOMEthing. Coming from "never having run", my goal is a 5K in my town this fall. I don't need to be first... I just don't want to be dead last! Know what I mean? This program was the first "exercise" one I've ever tried that I didn't want to quit at two minutes in. I think I can totally do this!
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