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  1. I'm new too and you did better than I on day 1. I could only do two of the 60 second jogs before having to power walk the rest. I'm just going to keep hammering at it <3 I think we ALL struggle. This isn't easy, and it isn't meant to be.
  2. Thank you all for the words of encouragement!! If I can make it through the program I will know I can do anything!
  3. Hi! My name is Katie and I'm new here. I am about 50 lbs overweight and have never been a runner, even as a kid, but I have always had dreams of running! So I started c25k yesterday. I made it through the first 60 seconds of running and it nearly collapsed me! I wasn't able to keep running, but I did the best I could with power walking. My question is if my ability is so low, will it really get easier? I can't even imagine doing week 2!! I may be on week one for quite a while. I'm going to keep trying!
  4. I started today and I did the intervals for half, then walked the rest. I'm glad I'm not the only beginner!! We will do this!
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