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    I am just starting to use this app today and would love some new Fitbit friends to keep me accountable. My email to the account is tracyroe27@yahoo.com
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    I tried to begin a year ago and gave up because I couldn't run for 60 sec. Today I decided to try it again and completed w1d1! I don't know what changed, but I feel so happy I did it until the end! I'd be very happy to join the group!
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    ne2co girl

    New to this

    Maybe silly ?.. I can't seem to get back to the training part of the app- I'm stuck in the forums. I click on home and go back to home page of forums! Just finished W1D1....
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    Great question. That core issue is listening to our bodies. This 62-year old man started taking two days off between runs, and I don't regret it. Then, once, I did it every two days. Best is to listen to your body. Stress, sleep, weather, bio-rhythms all matter. Keep it up. Yesterday, I ran my first 5K and it went great.
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