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    Back to basics, need motivation!

    So I got lazy...I cut exercise and ate junk constantly!! Did this for about 3 months and now I'm paying the price having pushed myself to start over. I need motivation and nudges every now and then to get started properly. Feel free to add me if you would be so kind and help to keep me going!! Starting from W1D1 again so will be a long grind. Thanks in advance!
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    Jumping back on the bandwagon

    So, I've fallen off, the last time I trained properly was in January, doing week10 before travelling then falling quite ill for a few months and also a family emergency to cap it off. I'm now recovered, (thank God!!!) and am keen to get moving again. I thought that I'd lost all fitness and maybe not, so I started back on W5 D3(since it is the mentally challenging run) and went for my first run in 3+ months last week and nearly passed out, a pretty funny sight, sitting on the sidewalk and little children walking past LOL! I laced up and tried again and completed W5D3 with a little air to spare. Didn't clock as well with the pace, but hey, I was glad to be moving. I'm planning my next run tomorrow, and will be aiming for 25 minutes. A little apprehensive(and slightly unmotivated), but also excited! I'm in need of some major bum kicking to make sure I'm kept accountable