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Laura Gallagher

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Hi Kelly Ann

I have seen the Great Wall Marathon, it would a difficult run in that heat and smog.

My dream destination marathon would be the Dingle Marathon in Ireland.

I'm training for 2 spring marathons this year, Boston in April and Rockford in May.

I didn't use an app to train for my first marathon but thought I'd try it this year. But the 26.2 pink pro seems a little low mileage for me at this point.

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Hi Laura,,  


I just wish I had someone to train with that wants to run with me.   I am doing the 10 k app but weather is slowing me down, so I am working out with my treadmill and bike.   It is too muddy here and I live in the dirt.  Lol.  I drive to paved roads to run..   I want to do a 10k in the spring..  I am not a Marathon runner, ugggh,  I have done a few and it is not for me.  I like 10k's and 13 k's.  I do run a 5k a few days a week already.


Anyways, you are doing great.   Ireland would be very pretty.    I tried to join the Disney one in L.A., but it sold out..


Good Luck!

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