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This 4 minute plank practice is simple to explain and doable by anybody.

Even if you have superhuman core strength, this workout will only take you 4 minutes. (It should be noted that the vast majority of individuals will not make it that far.) That's completely acceptable, and it offers you an excellent target to shoot for.

1-Hold the level 1 plank (high chair plank on hands) with correct form for 30 seconds.
2-Switch to level 2 after 30 seconds (low chair plank on hands).
3-After that, after 30 seconds, transition to the next, more challenging plank variant on the list below.
4-Continue until you either:
   -Coming out of a plank in the middle of a 30 second set is required (i.e. 15 seconds in you have to come out of the hold)
    -Can't complete the next plank variation with flawless form.

This is critical for both safety and efficacy. As your core muscles tire, you may be more prone to hip sagging. If this occurs, be cautious and cautiously exit your board. To double-check your form, do this challenge with a friend or in front of a mirror!

If you can only get past the first two or three levels, take a brief rest and try again from the beginning.

Okay, that's enough explanation. Let's have a look at what you've got! 

This could also help you in your MMA training. In a nutshell, planks work all of the core muscles. A stronger core implies harder kicks and punches, the capacity to handle more body hits, better footwork, and improved clinching and posture (standing upright in the clinch and not being easily dragged down).

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Guest Chiranjeev

Thanks for penning down, this is an interesting routine and definitely a breath taking one.

I am sure doing this regularly would give some amazing results. For the people who are or would read this, planking is simply an amazing exercise to perform, if you have doubts or are hesitant about doing the exercise then you can give this article a read. I read it and it kind of reinforced my belief in planks.

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