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From c25k to half marathon 2 days away

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Well I did this app about 2 years ago and it certainly changed my life. I am 43 years old, never been a runner, heck couldn't even run 50 metres without being totally out of breath. The day I remember most about the c2 5 k app was the day I had to run 20 minutes non stop. I needed up doing this on a treadmill. For me it felt like such a big achievement. I was over the moon... I completed my first 10 km race nearly 1 year ago. Shortly after that I injured my hamstring and literally couldn't run. I took some weeks off, then decided to give home workouts a go. I did insanity, t25 and others. These workouts were amazing. With running I only ever dropped 2 kgs, crosstraining, strengh and weights dropped a further 4 -5kgs off my body weight . I wasn't that overweight to start off with, but certainly wanted to increase fitness and loose those kgs I haven't been able to loose since having my 2 gorgeous girls. Well, now I am back into my pre baby size. I started running back in February this year, my running is improving. I unfortunatley reinsured myself on the hamstring, physio took care of that, plus I suffer from plantar fasccitis. My first half marathon is just 2 days away. Bit nervous, I will be happy to just cross the finish line. On Monday I start treatment with a podiatrist that will realign my bones to combat he plantar fasccitis. This should be interesting. To all of you who are starting their running journey, I am proof that anyone can become a runner. What does help down the track is cross, strengh and weight training. Also watch what you put in your mouth if you are looking to loose some weight. Enjoy!

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Thanks runQrun. It was an awesome day. I thought I would struggle the last 5 km but it was easier than I thought. The only thing that didn't work out for me is my heartrate. I have been training in aerobic zone and that's where I wanted to be but the obvious exit net and adrenaline pushed me into anaerobic straight away. Hence I was so sore on Monday, I could hardly walk. All good now though. Would def do it again next year. I am lucky to live in a place where it is such a flat and absolutely gorgeous route. My time was 2.25 btw very happy with that considering my injuries.

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