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Alli, the one BELOW beginner and MORBIDLY OBESE

Alli Bird

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Hey y'all! 

I am an almost 42 yrs old high school math teacher who looks like an Easter egg with legs.  I have never lost my pregnancy weight...in fact it's only gotten worse. I weigh approx 240! All my excess weight is on my stomach,  face, arms,  neck, and back. My legs are still awesome.  

I am 5'3" and have always had a very muscular body.  Even when I weighed 130, I only had 12% body fat. After marriage and having a child,  I lost control over my body and quickly put on the pounds. Now I can't get rid of them. I've tried everything you can think of and would maybe lose 10 or 15 pounds then got it all back. 

We did find out I have Hypothyroidism but I can't blame it all on my thyroid. I want to be healthy. My goal for myself is to be a healthy 150. 

I'm currently going through a divorce and I find myself running out of breath just by washing clothes.  I want to be able play with my son, but I can't due to my health. 

What is the best way for me to get started? Any pointers will help!

Love, alli

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OMG... I am basically you plus 3 kids! I even work for a County Office of Ed! I just started the “running” last week. I was walking  3-4 miles a day all through the month of  May because I was scared of starting all gung ho and getting injured and quitting. During that month my knees started popping, so I bought new shoes and several knee braces to figure out which worked best for me (physix gear compression sleeve). 

With the running, it’s only been a week but so far the thing that helped is something I learned going through the divorce  - EASY DOES IT. You know those old geezer runners you see shuffling along? Yeah, that’s going to be me right now, enjoying the fact that I’m doing something good for myself and bumpin my Pandora “workout hits” playlist. Speed and strength will come in time if we just keep going. Good Luck to you!!!

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