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c25k + 30 days shred

Guest Ju

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Hi everyone!

I'm on week 5 day 1 of the amazing running program c25k and I think is time to start with some workout. I wanna start the 30 days shred program on Monday: is a everyday workout session for 30 days, half and hour per day.

How can I manage it with my running schedule?

Do you suggest to go running first and then exercise? Or like running in the morning and then work out in the evening?

All your suggestion are more than welcomed!


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Hi THere,


WHen I am feeling awesome and full of energy, I will do my video and then run after or later in the day.  Make sure you rest when your body tells you to , so you do not burn out or get too tired.   There are days when I can only do one workout    What is the 30 Day Shred program?  I am starting the 21 Day fix on Monday!   Happy Running!   You are doing great!

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It's a 30 days program workout, everyday for 30 days half an hour, there are 3 videos, each for one level, that must be watched for 10 days each. It seems intense, but still I feel ready to try. I'm looking forward for suggestions about the best way to combine the running sessions and the exercises.

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