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Running outside-painful-any advice?

Sharon NM

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I want to restart the program and did well on the treadmill, but now gyms are closed. I tried running today but my feet and shins hurt so bad, even after stretching. Any advice? 

Also, what device do you use to track yourself?you can't run looking at the phone for time. 

Thank you 

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Hi there,

As someone with chronic leg and foot pain who can get shin splints from time to time, I highly recommend looking into getting proper insoles for your shoes. Treadmills have a bit of give whereas hard pavement does not, so it's a matter of getting your muscles adjusted. Power through and your legs will build up a tolerance to the shock level eventually. 

You may want to try running on a soft dirt path every now and then to give your legs a break.

I use a fit bit to track myself! Great investment. 

Cheers. :)

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